Fake Text Pranks

Are you looking for the best way to prank your loved one? Maybe you want to prank your work colleague or bestie? Our embarrassing fake text messages are the best way to make your loved ones laugh or embarrass your enemies.

We have the ultimate range of hilarious prank text messages to send to your unsuspecting victim’s mobile telephone. We are the original creators of the ‘STI-Results’ SMS text message prank, as well as the ‘Prgncy-Test’ SMS text message prank, which have both been a massive hit and hilariously funny!

Our funny text message pranks have been sent to thousands of unsuspecting recipients, serving a much needed dose of laughter and enjoyment as well as some light-hearted awkward embarrassment too.

Disclaimer: Please do try to only prank people with a great sense of humour! We don’t want to upset anyone with our hilarious text message pranks.

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