About us

Founded during a time when the world was locked down with nothing to get excited about or lift our spirits, we decided we wanted to bring laughter and humour to the world. This is when Prank Parcel was created.

Our hilariously funny letterbox gifts have been sent to thousands of unsuspecting recipients, serving a much needed dose of laughter and enjoyment as well as some light-hearted awkward embarrassment too.

We are the original creators of the ‘Chlamydia Test Kit’ postal prank package, as well as the ‘Stop my Balding’ postal prank package, which have both been a MASSIVE hit! Our unique, innovative funny letterbox gifts are hand delivered by your local postal service, providing much laughter and embarrassment to both your victim and the postman!

We also offer an innocuous prank text service, which delivers a naughty funny text message direct to your recipient’s mobile phone. These digital pranks have proved to be a very popular, low cost prank and can make your friend burst with laughter and embarrassment. We are the original creators of the ‘STI-Results’ SMS text message prank, as well as the ‘Prgncy-Test’ SMS text message prank, which have both been a massive hit and hilariously funny!

Our team of naughty ninjas work tirelessly to create our next viral hit and original funny prank concepts and designs.

Thank you for being part of our journey and raising the worlds spirits during these difficult times.

Keep smiling!
Prank Parcel